Fishermen sort their fishing nets on a boat floating on the Mekong River./Photo: Asia News Network
Fishermen sort their fishing nets on a boat floating on the Mekong River./Photo: Asia News Network

Regional aviation trends to be discussed

event September 23, 2017 01:00

By The Nation

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Amadeus and the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MTCO) are jointly organising the first Mekong Trends Aviation Seminar in Bangkok on October 10.

Hosted by the Amadeus Executive Briefing Centre at All Seasons Place, the inaugural seminar will highlight the key insights of the recently published Mekong Trends Snapshot on Air Transport in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS). Both the report and the seminar intend to emphasise the importance of aviation in the development of the region's tourism.

“Together with MTCO we look forward to hosting a stimulating discussion with the GMS travel industry on the further evolution of aviation in the region, and the existing challenges as well as opportunities for airlines. Air transport brings regions, economies and people closer together, and we’re committed to working with our airline customers and industry partners like MTCO to ensure it can continue to grow and develop sustainably, for the greater good of all,” said Nanda Pillai, regional director of Amadeus Asia Pacific.

According to the report, air transport in the GMS has helped to open up many destinations in the region over the last 20 years, such as Siem Reap in Cambodia, Luang Prabang in Lao PDR, Danang in Vietnam, Mandalay in Myanmar and Guilin in Guangxi, the People's Republic of China.

The trend accelerated with the emergence of budget airlines. New air routes today link destinations such as Sihanoukville in Cambodia, Khon Kaen in Thailand, and Pakse in Lao PDR, destinations barely noticed by travellers before.

“Therefore, it is fitting that our first Mekong Trends Snapshot covers GMS Aviation, providing a quick overview and some key insights on important developments and trends in the region’s aviation industry,” added Jens Thraenhart, MTCO executive director.    

Mekong Trends is a public-private partnership designed to deliver valuable industry intelligence on specific and relevant topics. Published for the industry on behalf of the MTCO and the National Tourism Organisations of the six member governments of the GMS, Mekong Trends is owned and operated by CEN International.

The first Mekong Trends Snapshot on Air Transport in the GMS was released in June during the Mekong Tourism Forum 2017, a platform for GMS travel industry collaboration supported by the Asian Development Bank. The report can be downloaded for free at Key insights of the report will be used to discuss the state of aviation and connectivity in the Mekong region during the seminar. Entry is free, but registration is required at