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business September 18, 2017

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Kids’ Academy International School was established in 2003 (over 14 years experience) and currently has 3 flagship campuses in Ekkamai and Srinakarin areas. The school has been managed under the idea that “a quality school can be more than just a place for education”, with emphasis on building wide and creative fundamentals which enables children to develop abilities and unleash their potential to be the best of their own selves.

We inspire children's curiosity and enthusiasm through creativity-based learning, in safe, fun and stimulating environment where children feel confident and secure to explore, develop, and stretch their imagination to their fullest potential, while building a love for learning.  We believe these are the fundamental building blocks for unleashing and developing the leadership within each child, through care, confidence building, showing, questioning, and constant learning.  Hence our school philosophy is “To build the foundations for Leaders of Tomorrow”.Children’s skills and strengths development starts here and now, at children’s early education stages, where they shape the basic foundations for future learning – creativity, enthusiasm, curiosity, focus, imagination, leadership, and demanding the best for themselves.   The key is to foster early their love of learning and thirst for knowledge, which will inspire children’s natural desire and passion to learn for higher education and will be the means for children to develop their full potential.

Since the opening of the first campus “Kids’ Academy Discovery” and second campus “Kids’ Academy Sensory”, the school has flourished in both size and reputation, through the trust and reliability from parents throughout who have provided referrals and positive testimonials to friends and family.  Our alumni are well-recognized and accepted by top international schools in Thailand. 

The 3rd campus “Kids Academy Imagination” will celebrate its opening this year in September 2017 – a state of the art learning institution situated at the heart of SrinakarinRoad – conveniently located near Paradise Park and BangnaTrad highway.Kids’ Academy Imagination is designed to be a place that encourages observation and imagination rather than just a school, with distinctive innovative design and facilities to stimulate and develop children’s exploration, creativity, performing, challenging ideas and love for learning more. Moreover, necessary tools are well prepared for students to start observing and thinking in all aspects, including a state-of-the art , Science Center , Art Gallery , and Performance Center

Kids’ Academy Imagination follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage, focused on the key building blocks of learning and we further develop our program for further higher education.Children are taught in both English and Chinese to allow natural fluency in understanding and communicating such that language will not be a constraint to their learning and development potential.

All in all, Kids’ Academy is the place where children will encounter many experiences more than just knowledge inside school, to allow them to gain security and confidence to develop their full potential, through the love of learning and discovering the world. The key focus is to prepare children to shape their own world in the future, by fostering and encouraging creativity, questioning, challenging, and continuous desire to learn, while equipping them with language, innovation, social skills, and academic knowledge as foundations. Apart from studying at Kids’ Academy International School with happiness, this is a great step in developing confident thinkers who will grow to be world’s leader  that is not far from reach. 





Kids’ Academy International School

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