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CAT attended Asian Carriers Conference 2017 to show readiness on international business.

Startup_and_IT October 02, 2017

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On September 2017, Ms. UbonpanChuenchom, Vice President of International Business Department, CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (CAT), led the team attended Asian Carriers Conference 2017 at the Philippines. The conference provided opportunity for telecommunications operators from all over around the world, particularly in Asia, to meet and discuss the business. Recently, CAT adjusted the organization to emphasize on the development of international business where flexibility and preparing for becoming an affiliated company in the future is the key.


Ms. Ubonpan said “CAT is a leading telecommunication service provider in Thailand, where partners from across the globe trust in the interconnection model namely ‘Network-to-Network’. We have been certified in accordance with the standard ‘Carrier Ethernet 2.0 or CE2.0’ from MEF Forum, which is a globally recognized organization.  Our Market Share on the international data communication business has marked over 40%. CAT has adjusted the organization to allow for more flexibility to support customer’s requirement in the era of digital innovation, which is the driving of country’s business and economy.  It is anticipated that there will be more demand for variety of services. For example, the leap growth of bandwidth demand and  theservice technology systems may be required business cooperation or budget on investment urgently. Also, the cooperation in various business models will be adopted. All of which are going to happen and change in a rapid pace.  As such, we must always be ready. By adjusting the organization, it provides us more flexibility in business and budget management. In addition, from meetings with partners in this time Asian Carriers Conference, we receive great feedback from partners, who have the high confidence in the business of CAT. They also believe that the adjustment of the organization demonstrates the realization of the importance of changes in the business by CAT, which need to be fast to catch up with the needs of the market.”


CAT recently awarded for agency providing internet infrastructure that support IPv6 from Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. The award has been considered a potential infrastructure service provider for internet services and support IPv6, which is highly necessary for the expansion of increasingly internet users. Ms. UbonpanChuenchom is representative of CAT to receive the said award.